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  • Press ReleasesMay 17, 2018

    Citizens for the Republic Joins Coalition to Save Local Media

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  • Today, the Coalition to Save Local Media announces Citizens for the Republic as a new Coalition Member. CFTR, a conservative grassroots organization dedicate to promoting the ideology and political philosophy of Ronald Reagan, joins twenty two diverse organizations committed to the fight against the Sinclair-Tribune merger.

    “The Sinclair-Tribune merger would open the floodgates and, before long, local news that millions of Americans rely on will be at the mercy of a few corporate elites, collectivized in New York City, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles,” said Craig Shirley, Chairman of Citizens for the Republic (CFTR). “Even in the most capable and responsible hands, Centralized power, in all its forms, breeds exploitation and is anti-conservative. Conservatives celebrate competition but this proposed merger would eliminate that. Local media news networks are some of the most trusted hard news sources in America. Permitting this merger would dramatically undermine this trust and fake news would spread like wildfire.”

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