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  • LatestNovember 02, 2017

    Sinclair Foes Try to Enlist AGs in Pushback

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  • The Coalition to Save Local Media, whose name could as easily be the Coalition to Block the Sinclair/Tribune Merger, says it will be sending letters to attorneys general in every state that has a Sinclair or Tribune TV station and ask them to probe the deal.

    The merger would result in the largest broadcast TV group at over 200 stations reaching over 70% of the country.

    InĀ the letter to California AG Xavier Becerra, for example (an example the coalition highlighted, the group points out that “if the proposed merger goes through, Sinclair would own 14 stations across nine markets including acquiring new stations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento. In Reno, Eureka, and Chico, the combined company would own more than one ‘Big Four’ station.”

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